President's Welcome

Membership in the Canaan Farmers Hall is open to all without restriction, whether living in town or not.  Our goal is to have every citizen in Canaan become a member.  Yes, that means every one of you.  

We are expanding programming to do more and more for kids like the planetarium show and art demos for kids during Maine Craft Weekend.  We have a new Mug Up program for seniors run by Mary Stuart. We’re looking for new programs and people to run them, so if you have a great idea, come share it with us and we’ll try to make it happen.

If you haven’t been in the hall for a while, you need to check out our new handicapped lift, and our upstairs deck (sometimes called a fire escape!)  We continue to make improvements to the hall and to programming.  Please, come join us!


Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Perelka, President

and the entire Board of

Canaan Farmers Hall

In 1898, the residents of Canaan, Maine built the historic building on Main Street known to all as the Canaan Grange Hall. For more than a century the building has been a community asset. The residents of Canaan today are grateful for the hard work and sense of community that the Canaan Grange Hall represents.


In 2011, a local non-profit group named Canaan Farmers Hall was formed. This group's goal was to acquire, renovate and update the former Canaan Grange Hall for the benefit of the greater Canaan Community.


Through fundraising and an active membership campaign the Canaan Farmers Hall non-profit was able to purchase the building from the Maine State Grange in August of 2012.


We envision the Canaan Farmers Hall to be a central gathering place in the community for programs and events that promote public and civic pride. We envision programs that further the community's education, recreation, economy, agricultural history, and municipal well-being. To date the hall has been used for weddings and receptions, contra dances, art shows, musical performances, stage shows, quilt shows, Sunday dinners, lectures, meetings, children's events, and storytelling.


This website is the main information portal for the activities and fundraising events taking place at the hall. In addition, it contains information regarding how to reserve and rent the hall for individual, family, club, and organizational activities. We have incorporated a community-wide events calendar to increase awareness of the town office, fire department, public library, health center, historical society, and Lake George Regional Park.


Membership in the Canaan Farmers Hall is open to everyone without restriction, whether you live in town or not. By becoming a member, you show your support for one of Canaan's important community landmarks and help with its upkeep and future renovation. When an individual donates a hundred dollars toward this goal, the donor's name, or the name of a loved one, is inscribed on a memorial plaque. The plaque is displayed in a wall frame designed and crafted by Jim Stedman. Please become a member and help us keep this historic building an active part of our community.

Meet the rest of Our Board

Mary Stuart


Retired teacher

Canaan, Maine​

Sam Sanborn


Retired Office Manager

Canaan, Maine

Scott Price


Office Manager

Canaan, Maine

Michael Holt


Hay Farmer & Retired

Canaan, Maine

Rosey Caporale


Canaan, Maine

Randy Grant


Retired Paper Maker

Canaan, Maine

Mike Perkins



Canaan, Maine

Directors emeritus

Louise Townsend

Stanley Ames

Perch Walker

Bill Townsend   ---   Debby Noonan

Our Current Members: 2019-2020

Pat Ames

Stanley Ames

Associated Grocers of NE

Fred Beck

Patricia Beck

Jason Bellner

Claude Berube

Rob Borden

Deb Braga

Manny Braga

John Bragg

Allice Burrill

Andra Burrill

Dale Burrill

David Burrill

Ron Butler

Canaan Superette

David Calder

Rosey Caporale

Lisa Caswell

Pam Clark

Brenda Clements

Mari Connors

Pat Cummings

Fran Davis

Maureen Delahanty

Joe Dembeck


Ed DeRaps

Penny DeRaps

Arminita Dorman

Ron Dorman

Pam Drake

Lisa Fitzgerald

Wyatt Fitzgerald

Valarie Flanders

Carol Godfrey

John Graf

Rita Graf

Randy Graf

Traci Graf

Chuck Griffeth

Michelle Griffeth

Alan Haberstock

Kathleen Haberstock

Henry Haiss

Dan Harriman

Allan Hart

Norm Hart

Sarah Hart

Jocelyn Hatch

Marcia Haugseth

Craig Heavey

Anne Herrin

Jimmy Herrin

Raejean Herrin

Robert Herrin

Dale Holden

Betsy Holt

Corey Holt

Mike Holt

Patricia Horine

Sam Horine

Elizabeth Hutchins

Roger Hutchins

Natalie Jones

Barbara Joseph

Heather Kerner

Amber Lambki

Mike Lambki

Richard Lawrence

Sandra Lawrence

Barbara Leonard

Gail Lipfert

Ann Lynch

Jerry Lynch

Elaine Malkin

Doug Marchio

Jessie Marin

Paul Marin

Dan Marra

John McIntire

Peter Mills

Bob Noonan

Barry Norling

Mary O'Donnell

Maureen Olson

William Olson

Nancy Ouellette

Jared Peatman

Bob Perelka

Kathy Perelka

Mike Perkins

Scott Price

Marilyn Renfrew

Roger Renfrew

Laura Richter

Margi Ruell

Nathan Ruell

Steve Ruell

Ian Ruij

Alan Sanborn

Bria Sanborn

Phoebe Sanborn

Sam Sanborn

Serena Sanborn

Matt Sanford

Louise Savoy

Julie Searls

Jeanne Shay

Warren Shay

Billie Sherman

Andy Sims

Dave Snell

Kathy Snell

Allan Soll

Candi Soll

Skip Sorrentino

Mary Stuart

Barbara Sullivan

Eve Tenenbaum

Louise Townsend

Trudy Tuttle Hart

Ann Walker

Chris Walker

Karen Walker

Perch Walker

Skeet Walker

Tom Ward

Kurt Wentworth

Raye Wentworth

Christy Whitmore

Sam Whitmore

Ernest Wilbur

Melinda Wilson

Business  Sponsors

Canaan Superette             Associated Grocers of New England

Hall is located at

296 Main St (Route 2)

Canaan, Maine, USA

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Canaan Farmers Hall

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PO Box 296

Canaan, ME 04924