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Maine Craft Weekend
at Canaan Farmers Hall

Fun for all. Demonstrations, refreshments, and 15+ local Maine artisans.

Celebrate the art and craft of Central Maine!

296 Main St, Canaan, ME

OCTOBER 5 AND 6, 2019

Featuring Northern Maine Rural Artists


“Art is ALIVE in northern Maine.”

Join us for a group show featuring a roster of artists and artisans who live and work in northern rural Maine.


Canaan Farmers Hall located at 296 Main St (Rte.2) in the Canaan Village on October 5 and 6th, in conjunction with Maine Crafts Weekend.  It’s a hub for northern Maine artists for the MCA event while getting the word out that art is ALIVE in northern Maine. 


This show is specifically for those artists who want to participate in the Maine Crafts Weekend Event but are far apart geographically and so attract fewer visitors.  By banding together we create a greater presence and more attention for northern Maine artists. 


We want to create a destination for those curious art lovers out there.  We are not coastal artists; we are rural artists/artisans!!! And we are proud of that fact.



The Canaan Farmers Hall is a huge old grange hall with two floors. There are two bathrooms on site. A food booth will also be available throughout both days, for visitors and artists.


Participating Artists:

Our poster child for this event is Hugh Verrier.  Hugh recently celebrated his 88th birthday and is still going strong! Verrier, a Maine painter and sculptor for over 45 years, exhibits his life-long love of the sea through his focus on water birds. Much of his artwork is inspired by living on the coast of Maine, working as a tugboat captain and later fishing on a commercial dragger.


Working with various tools and media, Hugh has created watercolors, oils, sculptures and dimensional work with wood, stone, sand and paper. 

The birds and fish are unique to the art world because they are a combination of watercolor painting and sculpture.


Hugh combines both arts into the creation of birds by forming very heavy French paper into wings, beaks and elegant bodies, then bringing them to life with watercolors. The fish are carefully crafted to mimic the actual catch of fishermen friends. The results are paintings that are life-like, light-weight, and archival.

Artist Demonstrations All Weekend:



10:00   Susan Hellewell

10:30   Karen Campbell

11:00   Hugh Verrier

11:30   Alan Haley

12:30   Sarah Coleman

  1:00   Desiree Dubois

  1:30   Amanda Slamm

  2:00   Kathy Pollard-Ranco

  2:30   Dina Jeanotte

  3:00   Kathy Perelka


10:00   Desiree Dubois

10:30   Susan Hellewell

11:00   Hugh Verrier

11:30   Dina Jeanotte

12:30   Alan Haley

  1:00   Sarah Coleman       

  1:30   Kathy Perelka

  2:00   Amanda Slamm

  2:30   Kathy Perelka

  3:00   Karen Campbell

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